You can small groups children prepare lessons. Who ? enthusiastic intern who enjoys working with children. What offer? offer educational workplace friendly team with very nice children. What going learn? Performs activities B1-K1-W1 Prepares coordinates B1-K1-W2 Makes rooms B1-K1- Acts point B1-K1-W4 Performs simple administrative tasks B1-K1-W5 Assists with inventory management B1-K1-W6 Contributes safe situation Does belong range tasks: B1-K1-W7 Performs simple maintenance repair B1-K1-W8 Performs focused nutrition B1-K1-W9 Evaluates Provides support daily activities healthcare welfare Does belong tasks: P2-K1-W1 Supports with living household activities Does belong tasks: P2-K1-W2 Supports with care ADL Does belong tasks: P2-K1- Assists

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